Selma of 1914

Captains log June 4. 2017


The historie of Selma takes its beginning on the 5 november 1913, in Esbjerg shipyard, signing the contract.

The builder was Raun Byberg, and his crew of more than 31 men.

Raun Byberg was one of the few builders that was using ship drawings. Selma was his nr: 2.

Lining up the great Oak timber, was impressive. Massive 2 inc planks was shaped with hand tools, to fit with no room for even a peace of paper. The sound on the shipyard was a konstant hammering. Pouting on wood, caulking, and making the ship sealed for the rough north sea.

The ship was ordered by fisherman, Otto Iversen, for the price of 6.500 kroner (danish coin, 0,1 £)

Selma was sold in 1926 to Claus Sørensen. Hi became a well known fisherman, who owned many ships and had a great involvement in the development of danish fishing. In 1926 Claus Sørensen startet a new entreprise, Newfoundland and Greenland. He used 3 ships for the project, 2 of steel, and the 3. could be Selma. Claus Sørensen, was the owner until 1940. Where the ship was renamed Amy and sold again. In 1950 the ship was sold to a fisherman in Skagen, north part of Denmark. It was rebuild to a Leasure craft, and sailed Skagen until it was sold and sailed to Copenhagen in 1970. A firefighter union bought the ship, and it was renamed Bull. She found her place in Christans Havn, and was one of the ships who started up the Christians Havns union.

We bought the ship in 2015.

We came up with an idea. To sail with people who needed the maritime inspiration, and the fresh air of the sea. Our first thought was to offer Selma of 1914, to be used by war veterans and unemployed people. We knew they would benefit from the conditions on a ship. Simpel tasks, and a simpel life.

To inspire by nature and the simpel rules on a ship. We could be used as introduction to maritime education, to inspire the ones participating, to find a new existence.

We Joint the Ocean environment watch. To look for oil spil, with the authorities (Navy operative Commando, SOK).

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