What is our project?


Selma of 1914

To work for planet Ocean, by cleaning the oceans from man made pollution.

Plastics in the oceans:

Spil oil from ships:

Chemicals in the oceans: PCB, and human hormone.

How will we work for the planet?

By observing and monitoring on our jurney, taking water samples and sending for test at univercityes around the world.

By connecting with locals where we arive, helping them to “fix” the problem. Using our resurses to help creating the right environment for all to live a sustaibel life.

How fare are we in planning and execution of our project?

We have rebuild “Selma of 1914” for the last 2½ year. Using an old sailship we are reusing the energy that was already spend, not to further stress our planet its sustanibel to rebuild. By using ancient traditions and knowlegde, we mastered bending giant oak, sealing and restoring to make Selma seaworthy again. We have secured the history of the ship, and know the person in charge of the build, his crew, and the owners of the vessel up to this date.

How do we fond and pay for the project?

By working “od-jobs” to pay for the running cost of the ship and crew.

Event funding, by making events with live-music and workshops we get support from locals.

Crowdfunding posting articles and video media on, facebook, youtube, patreon.com, boomerang.dk

We Need You, and your support. Even a few Dollars, Euro's vil make the difference.

Chip in and let us do the work needed.

Come Cruising with Selma

We need volunteers to help crew the ship on passage and missions. Sign up for Your involvement

2 thoughts on “What is our project?”

  • Dear neighbours,

    Laying next to you in the Willemdok, Antwerp Belgium we would like to send you our best regards from the Oniden. You know, the ones loaning you our watermaps of Belgium.

    Have a nice and safe journey and keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

    Walter & Marieke,
    Dordrecht, the Netherlands

    • Thank you, we are now in france and i will try to update our homepage, now we have wifi. hope you like the new pictures and video we wil lay out. Thanks for your kindnes. Love from here and hope to see you again. Regards Lars

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